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Cervical Osteoarthritis: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Cervical Osteoarthritis: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment   What is Cervical Osteoarthritis? Cervical osteoarthritis (also known as cervical spondylosis) is an age-related arthritis that affects your neck. It’s a very common condition among older people. In fact, over 85% of people older than 60 have some degree of cervical osteoarthritis.   What Causes Cervical Osteoarthritis? Your…

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Chronic Pain and Physiotherapy

Are you living with persistent pain that interferes with your plans? Are you finding it hard to enjoy your favourite activities or complete your work or study? If this has been going on for three months or more, then you may be one of the 20% of Australians living with chronic pain. While there’s no…

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At-Home Workouts: What You Need to Know

Exercising in your living room isn’t new – Jane Fonda showed us how to do it in lycra and leg warmers back in the early ’80s. Since COVID-19, many more of us have been exercising at home (thankfully, without the leg warmers!). If you’re keen to try it, then you need to schedule it into…

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5 Tips to Make Working From Home Easier

Bet you never thought you’d miss the office! You might do by now though, if you’ve been working from home for the last three months and may be doing so for a while longer yet. There are many great things about working from home but it’s easy to lose any sense of work-life balance when…

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Telehealth: Your Questions Answered

Have you had a telehealth appointment yet? Telehealth has become widespread in Australia as part of the social distancing measures to combat the coronavirus. It’s easy, convenient and safe. Do you wonder how telehealth and physiotherapy go together though? It’s actually not very different from a face-to-face appointment in many ways. We listen to you,…

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