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Spine Special Consult in Daisy Hill, North Lakes & Eight Mile Plains

At The Brisbane Spine Clinic, our spine special consult follows the same principals of our Care Pathway.

We apply the philosophy that the body is a complex entity and requires a holistic approach in the assessment and treatment of chronic neck pain, chronic low back pain and sciatica symptoms in order to achieve great results. A tunnel vision approach of only checking and treating the symptomatic area is usually narrow sighted and does not always treat the underlying cause of the injury.

explaining lower back pain

The Spinal Special Consult is designed to help:

  • Patients that have suffered ongoing chronic neck, back or sciatica pain for more than 2 months with no progress
  • Patients that have been advised to “try” spinal surgery after other treatment methods (including physiotherapy) have failed
  • Patients that have had a failed/poor response from spinal surgery and are still suffering from chronic spinal pain
  • Patients suffering from spine degeneration who want to remain active and enjoy their life while not be limited by this diagnosis

If you are suffering from an ongoing long-term injury or have had poor results from other treatment methods, call us to discover The Brisbane Spine Clinic difference to treating spinal injuries.

Why choose Brisbane Spine Clinic

From the moment you book in for your consultation till the completion of your spinal treatments, you will realise The Brisbane Spine Clinic difference.

  • Peace of mind
  • Trust
  • Clear communication
  • Dedication and commitment
  • Highest level of care
  • Problem-solving approach
  • Second opinions
  • Non-invasive treatment

Meet Our Consultants

Yu-Tsung (Justin) Lin

Co-Founder and Senior Musculoskeletal Consultant

Sang Bin (Leo) Hyun

Senior Spinal Consultant

Kevin Choi

Senior Spine Consultant