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Second Opinion To Spinal Surgery And Chronic Back Pain - Risk Free Consultation

Chronic back pain? Struggling to move without intense pain? Have you been referred for spinal surgery but are looking for a second opinion to spinal surgery?

Spinal surgery has its place but recent research has shown that spinal surgery only works for a specific patient group and not everyone fits that ideal profile for surgery. This is especially true for patients suffering from chronic back pain and sciatica symptoms. For some patients, this is the driving factor when it comes to seeking a second opinion before spinal surgery.

For other clients, a second opinion is often a result of clients having had an unpleasant experience when being treated by other healthcare professionals in the past. These experiences leading to doubts and fears which may be the result of:

  • Treatment being quite aggressive and invasive (such as surgery, corticosteroid injections, microsurgery to burn off nerve roots etc.)
  • Previous procedures have not solved your symptoms but have made them worse!
  • Your previous clinician has spent very little time on assessing you to find out the true cause of your symptoms.
  • Your previous clinician has adopted a trial-and-error approach where even they may be unsure of how your condition will progress or what effect their treatment may have!

These past experience have caused a lot of uncertainty, fear, and doubts for our clients. The feeling of helplessness and the thought of being disabled and not able to be healthy and functional again – we believe no one should need to go through this anymore, which is why we are offering a risk-free initial assessment to provide you a second opinion on spinal surgery. 

Our Senior Spine Consultant, Mr Justin Lin, explains more about alternative treatments to spinal surgery in the video below.

Here at The Brisbane Spine Clinic, our aim is to:

  • Not aggravate your symptoms further
  • Find out the true cause of your symptoms through a series of gentle, detailed hands-on assessment processes
  • Use gentle, non-invasive techniques to achieve relief and the best outcome
  • We adopt a problem-solving approach where our treatment aims to gain results that are measurable and tangible
  • We will investigate and explain the structure and the driving factors that are causing your back pain or other spinal pain and offer a second opinion to your spinal surgery to fully understand your treatment options
  • Form a gentle, non-invasive treatment plan where we set goals together and adjust to customise for changes in your condition as we progress

Why Get A Second Opinion?

  • You’ve trialed other allied health treatments and still, nothing has relieved your pain;
  • You’ve been recommended for spinal surgery but you are looking for an alternative treatment method;
  • You are not convinced surgery is the solution; or
  • You want peace of mind hearing another spinal consultant’s opinion.

What are the potential benefits of a second opinion?

Here at the Brisbane Spine Clinic, we offer:

  • Risk-free initial consultation (no hands-on therapy in the first consultation)
  • One-on-one private consultation

If you've been referred for spinal surgery but are looking for a second opinion then watch our video below

Spinal Consultants Caroline Sui, Justin Lin and Leo Hyun discuss the importance of getting a second opinion prior to undergoing invasive surgery.

We understand it is difficult for you to get over the hurdle of getting better again, especially having had past unpleasant experiences seeking medical help and relief for your back pain or spinal pain.

We understand you may prefer not to receive treatment straight away, our spine consultant will not be performing any hands-on assessment or treatment in this consultation. The aim is to get to know you and offer our best second opinion.

So call us today on 07 3841 3070 or visit our online-booking link to book your consultation. We are ready to help.

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Why choose our clinic

From the moment you book in for your consultation till the completion of your spinal treatments, you will realise The Brisbane Spine Clinic difference.

  • Peace of mind
  • Trust
  • Clear communication
  • Dedication and commitment
  • Highest level of care
  • Problem-solving  approach
  • Second opinions
  • Non-invasive treatment

Our Physiotherapists

Yu-Tsung (Justin) Lin

Co-Founder and Senior Musculoskeletal Consultant

Sang Bin (Leo) Hyun

Senior Spinal Consultant

Chun Man (Kelvin) Choi

Physiotherapist and Accredited Exercise Physiologist