Mr Chun Man (Kelvin) Choi is a Physiotherapist and Accredited Exercise Physiologist with a particular interest in chronic spinal pain and sporting injury prevention, management and rehabilitation. Devoting his career in the field, Kelvin obtained: Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology Master of Physiotherapy Certificate in Dry Needling Strength and Conditioning Coach Level 1 Through Kelvin’s training and extensive experience, he has acquired a wide range of skill sets in clinical exercise prescription, manual therapy techniques and formulating customised return to sports programs for his clients.

Understanding pain: what to know

Often pain recedes as an injury heals. But not always. Sometimes pain persists for months or years, long after the original cause has healed.

That’s because your body’s pain system is stuck on high alert, continuing to send pain signals even though there’s no physical reason to do so anymore. Why? And what can you do about it?

Smoking and pain sensitivity: Is there a link?

Smoking and pain sensitivity: Is there a link? You probably already know the health risks of smoking. Puffing away significantly increases the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Though smoking rates have halved since 1991, smoking is still the leading cause of preventable diseases and death in Australia. Smoking…

Muscle Knots and Stiffness

Muscle Knots and Stiffness Do you ever feel like your muscles are in knots? Muscle knots are made up of hard, tense muscle fibres that can be extremely painful or irritating. The medical term for them is ‘myofascial trigger points’ or ‘trigger points.’ Muscle stiffness is when tension has formed in the muscle and can…