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Two 50-year old women washing up

The “M” Word

M = Menopause. The end of a woman’s reproductive years and the start of a new phase of life. Whilst that’s a constant, each woman’s menopausal transition is unique, bringing with it a range of symptoms due to the bodies hormonal changes. For some women, these symptoms can include hot flushes, headaches, mood changes and…

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Lady laying on bed doing pelvic floor exercise

Floor Exercises – Not Just For Gymnasts!

When we talk about floor exercises here at our Eight Mile Plains physiotherapist clinic, we aren’t discussing a gymnastics routine! Our Women’s Physiotherapist, Ms Jiaming (Caroline) Sui explains … The pelvic floor is a group of muscles in your body, situated like a hammock stretching between your pubic bone and your tailbone. Its primary role…

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Lady in sunflower garden

Caring For Women Through Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for Women   At Brisbane Spine Clinic we understand that there are times when our female clients would prefer to see a physio of their own gender. That’s why we are delighted to welcome Ms Jiaming (Caroline) Sui to our team, to provide physiotherapy for women. Caroline is passionate about women’s health, and providing…

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Back Surgeon preparing for surgery

What Your Spine Surgeon Probably Hasn’t Told You!

Have you been recommended for spinal surgery? Perhaps you’ve experienced a failed back surgery? Our Spinal Consultants share some important information about back pain and spinal surgery. Millions of people worldwide suffer from bulged or herniated discs. These back conditions put pressure on the spinal nerve causing pain in the lower back and often pain…

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