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Postural Syndrome Treatment in Daisy Hill, North Lakes & Eight Mile Plains

Here at The Brisbane Spine Clinic, we understand the frustrations postural syndrome may have on your lifestyle. But did you also know that poor posture may also lead to other conditions such as spinal issues in the neck, nerve irritation and muscle spasm from poor protective posture? If left untreated, this, in turn, has the ability to mimics other conditions related to the irritated nerves such as shoulder conditions.

As postural issues can impact other areas of your body, our spine consultant here at The Brisbane Spine Clinic conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the causes of your postural related pain so that we can accurately diagnose and recommend a treatment plan.

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Postural Syndrome Symptoms

  • Pain when sitting or standing for prolonged time
  • Pain normally subsides when movement begins
  • Lower back pain
  • Dull ache in neck, shoulders and upper back

Postural Syndrome Causes

  • Head positioning while at a desk
  • Being over-weight
  • Sitting or standing for prolonged periods
  • Lack of exercise or movement

Postural Syndrome & Your Spine

Postural syndrome is a condition of the lumbar and cervical spine that causes symptoms such as aches and pains in the neck, head, shoulders, lower back pain and even hips and legs, normally from sustained poor posture.

Poor posture is the positioning of your body that causes unnecessary strain. Posture does not necessarily refer to the upright standing position but can be the way in which you sit at a desk. In many cases, poor posture is very much avoidable and caused by a lack of awareness of how the body works.

While poor posture is often a result of an underlying injury causing the body to compensate for it, there are also a number of lifestyle factors that can contribute to the issue, such as:

  • Being overweight
  • Sitting at a computer for an extended period
  • Heading positioning while at a desk
  • Lack of exercise or movement

Good posture is not only about our appearance, but the avoidance of potential irritations down the track from unnecessary pressure on the spine.

Typically patients with postural syndrome only experience pain when poor posture has been maintained for a prolonged period of time such as sitting or standing. Usually, symptoms of poor posture such as a dull ache in the lower back are experienced and can sometimes include the neck, shoulders and upper back. The pain usually subsides once normal movement commences again, thereby easing the strain on the affected area.

What to expect from a Postural Syndrome Treatment in Daisy Hill

During a consultation with us, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your posture to determine any underlying injuries that may be causing your posture syndrome, or if it merely habitual learned behavior.

We normally treat postural syndrome with a combination of manual therapy – performing spinal adjustments or other manual therapies in conjunction with prescribed exercise and stretches to target the muscles responsible for stabilising your back.

Please note, this is a general overview of our care for postural syndrome and the care plan may change depending on your individual circumstances and needs.

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Mr Leo Hyun

  • B.Phty UQ
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