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Could Chronic Back Pain be Genetic?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics 2014–15 National Health Survey estimated that 16% of the Australian population have back problems. Back problems are considered chronic if they persist for more than 3 months. Chronic back pain can have a serious impact on people’s lives and costs the Australian economy billions of dollars per year in sickness…

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What’s Making Your Head Ache?

Headaches are one of the most common health-related conditions Australian’s experience, with 15% of the population taking pain relief at any given time. Over 4.9 million Australians are affected by migraines and according to a recent report from Deloitte Access Economics, the condition is costing the Australian economy $35 billion every year. There are multiple…

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To Stand Or Not To Stand

Are you reading this standing at your desk? If not, is this something you should be considering? Standing desks are increasingly popular with sales of standing desks skyrocketing in recent years….. The average working week in Brisbane is 40.2 hours and most people spend approximately five hours commuting to and from work each week. For…

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