Mr Yuji Chen


Providing the best care for your spine

Mr Yuji Chen

Physiotherapist at The Brisbane Spine Clinic

With first class honours in Physiotherapy from the University of Queensland, Yuji Chen is leading the next generation of physiotherapists at The Brisbane Spinal Clinic. He rounds out his credentials with a Bachelor of Exercise & Nutrition Sciences, which he completed in 2021. 

Yuji is passionate about treating sports related injuries and helping clients find pain relief from chronic back and neck conditions. Using his background in exercise and nutrition sciences, Yuji takes a holistic approach when treating his clients, facilitating their recovery through a combination of hands-on therapy, education and exercise programs.

An avid sportsman himself, Yuji’s passion for sports physiotherapy naturally developed through his participation in everything from tennis to soccer to golf to swimming and skiing. A highlight of his physiotherapy career so far is  his work with semi-professional soccer players, helping them perform at their best. 

Yuji’s targeted treatment plans make a meaningful difference to his patients’ lives by providing long-term pain relief. Yuji’s patient-centred care approach very much aligns with the team at Brisbane Spinal Clinic, and will ensure optimal outcomes for all our patients. 

Originally from Japan, Yuji loves to return to the exquisite Japanese alps for the ski season. When not hitting the slopes, Yuji likes to climb mountains near the beach or lift weights at the gym. 

Whether you’re also an avid sportsperson, or are suffering from ongoing pain you could benefit from Yuji’s considered and targeted approach to physiotherapy. 

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  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours Class I)
  • Bachelor of Exercise & Nutrition Sciences
  • Level 1 Sports Trainer

Languages Spoken

  • English (fluent)
  • Japanese (fluent)
Yuji Chen Physiotherapist

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