Spinal Conditions

Chiropractor Services in Daisy Hill, North Lakes & Eight Mile Plains

At our Eight Mile Plains clinic, you are able to work with an experienced chiropractor as part of our holistic approach to managing your musculoskeletal health.

Our chiropractor works closely with general practitioners, allied healthcare professionals, and other professionals as part of a holistic approach to managing a patient’s treatment and recovery journey.

What is a chiropractor?

Chiropractors treat a range of different musculoskeletal conditions. While chiropractors and physiotherapists are both highly trained allied health professionals focused on managing pain and discomfort using non-surgical techniques, chiropractors are different to physiotherapists. Chiropractors mostly focus on the spine and its alignment, particularly in terms of how it relates to the nervous system.

They are able to perform physical examinations and manual adjustments as well as recommend lifestyle modifications for musculoskeletal alignment and health.


What are the key differences between chiropractors and physiotherapists

Meet Our Chiropractor

Dr Shen-Fung (Johnson) Huang

Dr Johnson Huang is a chiropractor with special interests in neuro-musculoskeletal health, clinical paediatrics and autonomic dysfunctions.

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What does a chiropractic appointment involve?

A session with a chiropractor will likely involve a discussion of your concerns, a physical assessment, medical imaging (if deemed necessary) and then manual adjustments or recommendations.

All chiropractors that are eligible to practice in Australia must obtain a full and current AHPRA registration. Most of them will have undergone extensive training and studies in order to complete their degree to be qualified as a chiropractor.
Our chiropractor here at The Brisbane Spine Clinic has worked with physiotherapists for many years and differs from others by knowing how and when to incorporate a holistic approach with our team of physiotherapists to deliver the most appropriate care to our patients.

Some of the indications for chiropractic care include:
  • Neck pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Spinal alignment and rehabilitation
  • Headaches

To find out whether a chiropractor is the right practitioner for you to see, give us a call on (07) 3841 3070.

For all services offered at the Brisbane Spine Clinic, be it chiropractic care or physiotherapy, you will be treated with professionalism, empathy, and conscientiousness.

Our professionals work effectively as part of an interdisciplinary team and we will use a holistic approach to help address your concerns.

All information is general in nature. Patients should consider their own personal circumstances and seek a second opinion