Failed Back Surgery Syndrome in Daisy Hill, North Lakes & Eight Mile Plains

Have you had spinal surgery, but are still experiencing pain? You’re not alone.

We see the phenomenon known as “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome” far too often at The Brisbane Spine Clinic. But what is it, and can anything be done to help?

The first thing you need to know is that Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is not a syndrome. Instead, the name refers to a phenomenon where someone undergoes unsuccessful spinal surgery and is experiencing ongoing pain. 

Spinal surgery serves two main purposes:

– Decompressing a spinal structure to provide relief

– Fusing unstable structures

Many patients who are experiencing failed back surgery syndrome do not understand why the surgery didn’t work. Their specialists may have told them that by cutting out the herniated disc bulge the nerve would not be pinched and pain would go away, or that fusing the fragile and unstable spine would strengthen it and eliminate pain. However, the idea that you can simply ‘cut out’ the pain is often overly simplistic. 

While surgery may change the anatomy of the back, it does not change other factors that may be the true cause of your back pain or sciatica in the first place, such as poor spinal movement patterns or hip joint dysfunction. Back pain and sciatica are complex conditions that require more than just an X-ray or MRI to identify all the relevant causes. If your back pain is caused by more than just a bulging disc or compressed nerve, those will need to be identified and treated to get a successful result. 

Our Senior Spine Consultant, Mr Justin Lin, explains more about
``Failed Back Surgery Syndrome``

What factors could cause a failed back surgery?

There is a wide range of potential causes, which means that every person requires an individual assessment. Some of the possible causes include:

– nerve damage

– failure of the implant or prosthetic fusion parts

– operating on the wrong levels

– poor surgical techniques

– scar tissue

There is also the potential for your pain to be ‘transferred’ after your surgery. For example, you may undergo spinal fusion surgery to fuse your spinal levels. But your body could then transfer the extra load to nearby vertebrae, overloading and stressing your joints and muscles. That could cause ongoing pain and require a comprehensive rehabilitation plan to achieve the best functional outcome.

While the process of undergoing back or neck surgery may be useful for some people, it does not always offer a complete solution to resolve the complex nature of back pain and sciatica.

My Spine Surgery Has Failed - Where To From Here?

We understand how difficult it is to process a failed back surgery. You might be wondering what to do from here. 

If you are still experiencing chronic back pain after your back surgery, the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone and that there is hope.

How can The Brisbane Spine Clinic help?

At the Brisbane Spine Clinic, we have a special interest in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients who have experienced failed surgery. We have helped many people like you.

If you’re not sure of your next step, book an initial consultation with our Senior Spine Consultant, Mr Justin Lin. 

We understand you may prefer not to receive treatment straight away. The initial appointment aims to get to know you, understand where you are at with your condition, and offer our best opinion on a rehabilitation treatment plan moving forward.

Book your initial appointment now – call us on 07 3841 3070 or book an appointment online.



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