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Our knees are complex joints and bear a significant amount of weight when we walk, run and jump; making them susceptible to wear and tear over time. To put your best knee forward, you need to keep your knees strong and treat any pain before it becomes acute.

At The Brisbane Spine Clinic, we support patients to understand knee pain causes, and provide treatment and pain management physiotherapy.

Knee Pain Physio

Understanding knee pain

To understand what’s causing knee pain, you first need to understand the complex structure of the knee, which includes bones, tendons and muscles. All three of these things can be the contributor to knee pain.

Front knee pain (anterior)

Anterior knee pain is generally felt around your kneecap. This may cause knee pain when bending or pain when standing after sitting for an extended period.

Back knee pain (posterior)

Pain behind your knee is often accompanied by swelling and can be caused by a build-up of excess fluid, making it hard to fully bend your knee. Pain in the back of the knee like this should be seen by a medical professional.

Inner knee pain (medial)

Pain on the inside of the knee usually gets worse when you straighten your leg. Also known as medial knee pain, it can sometimes feel like your knee is about to give way, or may get locked if you bend your leg.

Outer knee pain (lateral)

Pain on the outside of the knee, or lateral knee pain, may be caused by damage inside the knee and cause a dull aching, or a sharp localised pain. You may also experience clicking when you move the knee.

Mixed knee pain

When you experience knee pain in more than one location of the knee, it can be caused by a number of things including; osteoarthritis, damage to the ACL or PCL ligaments, or a meniscal tear.[1]

Comprehensive assessment of knee pain

To understand what is causing knee pain, you can undertake a comprehensive assessment with a physiotherapist.

Working with a qualified physiotherapist, like the team at The Brisbane Spine Clinic, can help understand, diagnose and treat your knee pain.

As part of the assessment, your physio will:

  • Assess the knee
  • Ask about your medical history, including any injuries
  • Understand your lifestyle and daily habits
  • Perform certain movements and manual therapy to temporarily trigger the pain
  • May refer you for medical imaging

This will form part of our comprehensive assessment to help treat and manage your knee pain. Book an appointment for an assessment now.

Treatment for knee pain

Once we understand the part of the knee which is injured or under strain, we can create a plan to treat it.

Some of the treatments for knee pain include:

  • Strength exercises
  • Immobilising the joint
  • Rest and reduction of use
  • Surgery

One of the essential medical professionals for supporting you to manage your knee pain is a physiotherapist. Meet our team of physios here.

Knee pain and physiotherapy

Some things physiotherapy for knee pain can help with include:

Physiotherapy exercises for knee pain

Your physiotherapist can recommend exercises to strengthen your knee, and may help reduce pain and injury. These are exercises you can do at home or at the gym.

Manual treatment

We may undertake manual treatment of the knee, including adding pressure and massage to particular muscles, to release any tension which may be causing pain.

Rehabilitation and recovery support

If you have undergone surgery for your knee pain, you will likely have a rehabilitation plan, which our team can help with. We’ll help you get back running and walking without pain.


Depending on the type of knee pain, one of the knee pain causes may be tight tendons or muscles. Our team can provide you with stretches to loosen and strengthen muscles to prevent any extra tension and pain.

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All information is general and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. The Brisbane Spine Clinic can consult with you regarding your individual health needs


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