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The Brisbane Spine Clinic has a special interest in treating a wide variety of spinal conditions. Learn more about these conditions, and how our treatment approach differs from traditional methods.
Spinal Condition Disc bulge

Disc Bulge

Disc bulge, also known as a slipped disc, or disc protrusion is actually a very common injury we see at Brisbane Spine Clinic. It is an injury to the spines intervertebral disc and can occur in the cervical spine (neck) thoracic spine (upper and mid back) or the lumbar spine (lower back).

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explaining lower back pain

Lower Back Pain

The Brisbane Spine Clinic has a particular interest in the complex structure of the lower back and understands the pain and frustration a lower back injury can cause you.

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Sciatica common spinal condition


Sciatica is the umbrella term that describes severe ongoing leg pain stemming from the low back or the buttock area and can spread to the thigh, lower leg and even foot.

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whiplash from car accident

Whiplash (Motor Vehicle Accident Injury)

Whiplash, also known by its medical term cervical acceleration-deceleration (CAD) injury, usually occurs when the neck and head are forced backward and then forwards.

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spinal pain at work

Postural Syndrome

Did you also know that poor posture may also lead to other conditions such as spinal issues in the neck, nerve irritation and muscle spasm from poor protective posture?

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spinal disorder explained

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Thoracic outlet syndrome refers to a group of conditions that develops when there is compression of the nerves, arteries, or veins in the passageway from the collarbone to the first rib called the thoracic outlet.

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spinal condition of the neck

Neck Pain

Acute neck pain is normally due to joint or muscle strain (overstretching or tearing of tendons and muscles) or soft tissue sprain (stretching or tearing of ligaments).

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spine condition of sacroiliac joint

Sacroiliac Joint Pain (Pregnancy Back Pain)

Sacroiliac Joint Pain is very commonly misdiagnosed as it can very frequently mimic low back strain or a disc bulge.

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