Raymond Sidhu


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Mr Raymond Sidhu (Physiotherapist)

Physiotherapist of The Brisbane Spine Clinic

Raymond graduated from the University of Queensland with a Masters of Physiotherapy Studies in 2021. Prior to moving to Australia, Raymond received a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from Simon Fraser University in 2019 in Canada. Raymond worked as an exercise physiologist and as a student trainer with various sports teams in Canada.

Raymond completed a clinical placement at The Brisbane Spine Clinic and upon completing his degree joined our team.

Growing up in Vancouver, Raymond was always around sports such as basketball, soccer, American football, as well as plenty of others. With his background in exercise physiology and anatomy, Raymond utilises his knowledge to provide a holistic treatment consisting of hands-on techniques, exercise and patient education.

Raymond has a particular interest in spinal injuries as well as sports/orthopaedic conditions and has completed clinical rotations in both areas.

In his spare time, Raymond enjoys working out at the gym, going to the beach with friends (but needs swimming lessons), and exploring as much of Australia as he can.

Raymond Sidhu Physiotherapist

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