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Physiotherapy Telehealth Services

How Does Telehealth Work?

We’ll connect with you securely over your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Our physios will be in a private room when they start your telehealth consultation, giving you the same level of privacy you would receive in our clinic. It’s up to you whether you choose to be in a private room in your home.

We’ll assess your symptoms, show you some exercises, and provide a treatment/exercise plan for you to follow. Try to make sure that you have some space around you for your telehealth consultation as we may ask you to carry out some movements or exercises.

We’ll explain the process in more detail when you book a telehealth appointment.  Give it a go!


What Are the Benefits of Telehealth?

Telehealth overcomes the barriers of distance. Right now, in a time of social distancing, we want people to stay at home apart from essential outings for groceries or medicine.

But, if you’re injured, you still need physiotherapy to help your body grow stronger and more flexible. Lounging around at home can actually make some problems worse.

Telehealth physiotherapy services solve the problem. We meet online, providing you with the same standard of care as you’d receive in your clinic. We can assess you, prescribe treatments and exercises, monitor your progress and encourage you to keep up with your physical therapy without needing to meet in person.


Is Telehealth Just a Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Yes and no. Telehealth has been here for a while but it’s taken the coronavirus to make it suddenly widespread.

Telehealth is used throughout healthcare. Many medical devices have a built-in monitoring capacity, transmitting health data to your doctor and guiding treatment decisions. For example, your pacemaker can send information about your heart to your cardiologist, your CPAP machine can send data about your overnight oxygen levels to your respiratory specialist, and your glucose machine can send your blood sugar readings to your diabetes doctor.

Most of us are digital creatures now. We Skype relatives who live overseas, we Facetime our friends, we send memes or pictures to each other. This is easy and familiar technology for most of us. So, it’s easy to contemplate calling your physio for an online consultation too.

The need to stay home to avoid spreading the virus has accelerated the uptake of telehealth as the government has amended the Medicare benefits schedule to make it more widely available.

But telehealth was here before the virus and will be here long afterwards. This is the ideal time to try a telehealth consultation .

Book a telehealth consultation at a reduced rate of $65 for a 30-minute consultation.

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Physiotherapy Home Visits

If you really need to see us in person for physiotherapy care, we can come to you. We’re happy to provide home visits to our clients and there’s NO CALL OUT FEE!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will call before your appointment to ask you some screening questions before deciding if the home visit can go ahead.

If it’s safe for us to come, we will follow strict disinfecting procedures before entering your home and we ask that you also wash your hands thoroughly before we start treating you. We’ll keep a safe distance from you wherever possible, only breaking the 1.5m distance if we need to do a physical examination or provide physical therapy – which is usually only done for a few short minutes at a time anyway.

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